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Make sure at that mileage you have a full service history and good maintenance.

make sure that the following has 100% been replaced:

-Diesel particulate filter (120k miles)

make sure the transmission oil was changed every 38k miles too!

And as a final bit of opinion, any car over 100k miles is a bit of pot luck to be honest. There’s a host of issues that comes with an aging car but these are the two most important:
-transmission issues
-dpf issues

Also the bearings on the car too, but it is an audible ticking noise, sort of like two marbles hitting eachother (balls in the bearing I know lol), drive with the windows down so you can catch anything that sounds iffy.

Trust your gut feeling! If you think the seller is dodgy, walk away. If you feel the car doesn’t sit right, leave it. Period.

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