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Once the dealer has the chassis and engine number on hand, does it mean its already shipped?
No, it does not. My dealer got the VIN (and provided it to me) shortly after my car was built, but while the car was still at the port in Germany waiting to be loaded onto a ship.

At what point can I get a order number? My dealer sent me a fax of my order but it does not indicate an order or reference number at all.
You need to call your dealer and ask specifically for a commission #. If he/she can't provide a commission #, then that could mean your car is not actually entered into the Audi ordering system. Instead, your dealer may have just taken your order and simply entered the info into the dealership's system (assuming they have their own internal system) to keep on hand until they get an available A5 allocation, at which time the dealer would be able to input your order into Audi's ordering system.

Is the fax just some hand-written information about your order? Or does it appear to be information printed out from some type of ordering system? And were you given an ETA on when your car would go into production?
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