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Hi everyone,

I am wondering if on the A5 2016 B8.5, the door trim panels are exactly the same on the front and back doors? Are they interchangeable?

I have brushed aluminium trims, the driver door one is scratched by previous owner and I'd like to replace it.
The thing is, rear door trims are easier to find on eBay compared to the front ones, and they are also cheaper.

If I could buy a rear right door trim panel and put it in the front, that would be great.

The reason I am even asking this, is because I found a complete set of 4 trim panels on eBay, and at least from the pictures they look exactly the same when it comes to mounting clips positions and overall length.

So far I found the part numbers and noticed that the A4 uses the same trims (the interior looks the same, so no surprise parts are shared), so that widens the search.

Front Right Trim: 8K0867410
Front Left Trim: 8K0867409

Rear Right Trim: 8K0867420
Rear Left Trim: 8K0867419

On another note: I seriously can't comprehend how these pieces are getting scratched. Even if you are wearing rings and reaching for the door handle without looking, it takes someone special to put a scratch in metal. Another thing are dents in the centre console trim. I've seen lots of cars with them and that is just beyond my understanding.


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So got the pry tools out and decided to swap out the back and front trims to see if they will fit.

Unfortunately they will not.
Even though the shape and size is exactly the same, the clip points are a little offset.

So the hunt for a brushed aluminium front right door trim remains. Anyone has one for sale?

On top of that I noticed that one of the locating tabs on my front right door trim is broken, which would indicate someone tried getting inside the door for some reason.

Pictures below show the front right trim on top part # ending in 10 and rear right trim on bottom part # ending in 20







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