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Bro-Performance AUDI A5 3.0TDI Build

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My name is Beni I am from The-Netherlands. Having a great hobby what is cars specially VAG Cars :) We have a own group of friends called as team (bro-performance). (All just for 4 FUN)

After many months of reading here on this fantastic FORUM, and allot of great information I thought let`s open a new thread of my car. I love to take part in drag racing 1\4mile and want to set a own personal record with this car soon I hope.

Went for a AUDI A5 3.0TDI color (Misano Red) engine code (CAPA). I already have done a couple of modifications on the car :

90MM downpipe
76MM Exhaust system no silencers 100% straight pipe
EGR delete + EGR Cooler delete + EGR Flap delete
Swirl flap delete + Intake Manifold Flap Actuator Motors LEFT+RIGHT delete
Bigger air box intake 75MM + Pipercross filter +Butterfly flap delete
Darkside Intercooler
Audi A5 Facelift S-LINE rear bumper + Rieger RS Diffusor + RS5 OEM TIPS Black

More pictures will follow.


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90mm downpipe is quite large! ;)

Welcome and keep us updated on your build! :)

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Hi Ben

Is your car a quattro (are all 3.0 tdi?) and what type of power and 1/4 mile figures are you hoping for with the new turbo once mapped?

Manual or auto? (again might be a daft question sorry)
There is 1 lower power (204hp) 3.0 TDI floating about that isn't a quattro in some markets, bar that model, all 3.0TDI are quattro.
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Can I ask, what's the very inconspicuous blue line in your engine bay? Have you also thought about adding a fuel pump to feed your high pressure fuel pump? Allegedly it is recommended when using 330+ hp

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Update :

Today i received the new MAF sensor. It's from a BiTdi much bigger than the original one i can say. (90mm) I had to buy a silicon from 90mm to 75mm for my intake otherwise it won't fit!

For the people that want to know why the BiTdi MAF sensor? It is handy to see how much air the engine is flowing. With the standard MAF it get maxed out on a stage 1 tuning.

Also the 4 bar mapsensor arrived.

View attachment 130266
Thanks for the answers, I have the other (CCWA) engine and I need an additional pump to my fuel line :/

What 4 BAR map sensor did you get? (Manufacturer/part no.) and where did you get it from? I ask as I need one for mine :)

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Who is your tuner? (NL) I see some youtube videos from JP performance I think their name is.. not them by any chance?

Edit to ask about the MAF, did I understand from your posts earlier you bought a larger diameter silicone intake hose, but the BiTdi MAF fitted the OEM one anyways so the larger intake hose wasn't needed?

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Bit of a thread revival, but BRO, can I ask about that 90mm downpipe you have fitted?

Just wondering if you can recall how much spare space around it you have? I've ordered a Race DPF from Darkside with 3" V-bands and they have a 95mm outer diameter so I'm hoping to manage to fit this somehow and I have high hopes since you have 90mm downpipe fitted.

From what I see, there should be ample space just after the EGT and Lambda 1 sensor for a 95mm V-Band, but I'm more curious about further down around the area of Lambda 2 if there is space there for such a large V-band..?

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