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Brake wear sensor loom

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Hi. I’m a new owner and new to the forum.
My 08 3.0tdi pad wear indicator has come on… however connector has already been chopped and wires spliced by a previous owner. Makes me think there must be a fault in the loom… I’d read somewhere that it’s a NC circuit with the warning raised when circuit grounded - however have tried grounding to no avail. Was planning on splicing the cables somewhere else within the wheel arch where they’ve been less susceptible to movement and risk of internal failure. Thought maybe best to try cleaning any accessible connectors first though. Had anyone had similar experience and found a solution? Does anyone know if there are any accessible connections in the loom that may be worth checking for corrosion etc!? I know I can live with it but that beeping on start up gets fecking annoying!! Thanks
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I thought the warning came on when the circuit was broken? (Wire worn through on pad).The connector can be fiddly, maybe they broke it and spliced the wires as a fix?

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There is a TSB regarding this issue. I’ll see if I can find it.
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