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Brake Dust!!

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Getting loads of black dust on front and rear wheels,anybody know if the A5 brakes x-reference with other Audi models? Have tried a few online sites,none listing A5/S5 yet.Have been happy with EBC in the past.I like the brake feel, but not the dust.

ps before you say i'm not driving it as hard as my previous cars (impreza,wrx sti,svx) :)
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Gotta agree, got some serious amounts of brake dust here as well. My wheels actually look black!!

I'll be going with green/yellowstuff pads when it comes to replacement I think.
Mine are the same. Driving me crazy. Have tried the sprays to help a) clean b) stop the dust sticking, but to be honest I can't tell the difference. Need to wash after every trip to keep clean.
I am so used to this on my current car I don't think I will be bothered with it. If you want it to stop, dust is the price you must pay.
Yeah just dont wash your wheels for a month and you wont notice it building up, no seriously, you can spend 2K and have the RS4 brakes fitted (on 18" and above only, sorry 17"s, you're not big nough) and i find it very useful to use as much engine braking as possible, there are days when i only use my brakes(foot) to stop myself from 5mph-0 and handbrake(rear) to keep myself stationary. engine braking is a skill, and one thats well worth learning as while you're on it you're using 0 drop on lovely shell optimax.
But are brakes not cheaper to change than your clutch ?
But are brakes not cheaper to change than your clutch ?
Not on my STi.
New clutch (upgraded), lightened flywheel, and installation for ~$1,000
New pads, fluid, and rotors (self install) $1,600.

Now if it just pads to replace, brakes are way cheaper. It depends on how soft the rotors are.
I just got back from a 1500 km trip with the S5, and washed i down, and surprisingly agree. I don't mind cleaning the car and tend to keep it clean anyways, but did in fact notice that there was more brake dust accumulating on the rear wheels than in the front.

I'm sure there isn't much moe dust than average, but the minimalistic look of the 19' rims probably make it more noticeable. It actuall looks pretty cool on a black car.....
I agree there is a lot of brake dust accumulating on the wheels. I'm resigned to it though, it was exactly the same on my old Audi's with big alloys.
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