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Brake differences between V8/ 3.0TFSI

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Hi all,

Just wondering if brakes advertised for the 4.2 V8 (B8) will be exactly the same as the brakes found on the 3.0TFSI version of the car?

I need replacement discs and pads for my 3.0, but need to know what I'm ordering to make sure they're right!

I see that the brake sizes for front/ back are 345mm/ 330mm for my car which seem to line up with the V8 model but just confirming.

If someone could recommend some not ridiculously priced discs and some pads that don't give off an insane amount of dust that'd be great.

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I can definitely recommend MTEC Disks and Pads. I got Drilled and Grooved black discs with their pads for less than £300 and they're pretty solid! They also do 2 piece discs which are a really good price. I looked and it appears that they're the same between 4.2 and 3.0 but worth double checking with them.
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Mikey me ol fruit, have a butchers at cos they sell a great selection of brakes. You need to tell them your VIN so they can confirm which bits fit your car. PERSONALLY I am a fan of Brembo and my S4 had a new set of discs and pads when I purchased her. The important thing is to buy good stuff and ideally the same brand discs and pads, to be sure they work well together.
Thank you fellas, very much appreciate!

I've gone for the standard, plain old flat discs by brembo and brembo pads to go with them. All 4 corners cost £330 altogether as Euro Car Parts are currently doing a 45% off thing for various bits and pieces!

The only reason I ask is because I see a fair few brake discs advertised as for the V8 model but from what I can see they're the same size and fitment as the V6 so... 🤷

May upgrade to grooved/ drilled in future but just spent 1k on various performance upgrades so, you know how it is ahaha
Upgrade to A6 BiTurbo brakes, straight bolt-on and brakes so much better than OEM piss brakes.
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