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Well, I made a promise to my wife after I bought the A5. I told her after my deployment we would get her a TT, and I found the perfect one. It's a 2008 Brilliant red 3.2 Quattro Coupe (she didn't want a convertible). I got it loaded with all the options. It is a fun little car.

I ended up suprising her by having it parked in the garage when she got home from work. I took the day off from work and drove 4 hours to Cary, NC to make the deal on the car from Leith Audi where I bought my A5, I had everything sorted out in under an hour, then made the 4 hour drive back home. I was home exactly 12 minutes before she got home, so I was able to suprise her.

I locked the garage door so it wouldn't open with the remote. When she came in throught the front door I asked her if she wanted to go out to dinner. I told her she could drive the Audi (she loves driving the A5). When she walked out into the garage she froze and just stared at the TT (She fell in love with the car when I took the A5 to get it serviced, it was the same one she sat in and admired while at the dealership about 2 weeks prior).

I handed her the key and said "I didn't say which Audi you could drive". The grin still hasn't left her face. I had to show her the button to make the rear spoiler go up and down so she would quit driving up to 75mph to make it go up automatically.

I'll post some pics later
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