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Boot electrical fault - advice needed.

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Hi All,

First post but I've been lurking for ages, and the forum has proved unbelievably useful, unfortunately I've got to a problem that a quick search cant solve.

On Saturday I went to open the boot and it wont pop on the key or from the button inside, also one of the reverse lights has died. A little later in the day and both rear fogs stopped work and from memory the infernal boot light isn't working.

I've climbed into the boot and popped the trunk open and removed all the trim thinking initially it must be an earth fault but having checked it appears not to be.

So at present I have;

Working Number Plate lights,
One working reverse light
No Fog Lights
No boot release

I've had a look online but I cant seem to find anyone who has had the same problem or anywhere to download the circuit diagrams.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem or point me in right direction?

Cheers in advance,

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Hiya Alan and welcome!! No idea re the problem but these cars are quite complex so you may need to have her scanned by a good VAG specialist, independent of course and not the official stealers. You can invest in a VCDS product and or the very inexpensive CARLY product may help. Please tell us how you get on!!
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