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Bonnet won't open???

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Hi, could anyone help at all please? My car is an Audi A5 convertible, 2014 plate. The bonnet won't open when I pull the release lever on the side of my dashboard inside the car. You can hear the cable is moving inside the bonnet where the latch is but to no avail the bonnet won't open. I've tried pushing down on the bonnet slightly when my misses is moving the release catch but nothing? Is my next step to remove the big front grill with the Audi logo on it to try to get to the release catch???
Thanks, Ray
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To remove the grill you need to open the bonnet….
Try taking the release lever apart and make sure that the cable is being correctly operated. There is a lot of plastic there that may be part of the problem. Easy to get to, a retaining clip on the lever and the trim is clipped on.
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Hi, I just want to know if it’s possible to open the bonnet from outside without using the lever inside the car. Mine just broke and I really need to open my bonnet.
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