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June 2019

Haven't had much of a chance to work on my own car recently.
Changed the front and rear pads and discs.
Decided on EBC yellow stuff front and rear pads.
Front disc managed to source some EBC and rear's from ATE.

Air box mod done - OEM+ look :)

(Before everyone starts drilling their air boxes take some pressure measurements as 99% of the owns won't need this)

I'm also working on something special in the background ;)
More details to follow in the next couple of months (I hope)

July 2019

Been fours since the last car detail - special thanks to my cousin @teamspb for all his effort:

For a car with over 150k on the clock he done a great job.

January 2020

Been a while since I've done much with the car.
Some maybe aware but I bought a used engine last year with ojective to rebuild it. As I mentioned earlier in this thread the PCP are extermely high and main task I wanted to address is compression ratio. With such high pressures the heads have started to lift when using the power for prolong periods causing coolant issues. The car has 160k on it and still being driven and still performs well.

Here are some pictures of the replacement engine:

Nice to see cross bore drilling:

Heads cleaned & flattened

Valves reseated

12.9 head bolts sourced and modified to suit the Audi V6 engines

Piston work

CAD drawings are complete with CNC profile set.
If all goes to plan lowered compression ratio will add scope for more power while remaining within PCP.

Hi, We are always interested in feedback for our products, fancy sending us an Email and let us know your thoughts please? EBC Brakes

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January 2021

R110 fuel pump finally running, as per my post in Jan 2020 I've been trying to get this pump running.
I had it running but during high rail pressure it would leak causing the Vee to become a swimming pool.

Here are some pics during the development

Custom gearbox pump plate:

Rail pressure output valve changes:

R110 pump:

Even thought about custom gears to spin the pump faster:

After long last R110 is now working without leaks.
Thanks to @Horia for his support and many others who support me through other social media sites.


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Febuary 2021
Sourced a 4 bar boost gauge in preparation for some more boost Turbosmart Gauge Electric Boost Only 4 Bar
Moved the boost gauge to the pillar pod gauges and the turbo speed gauge to the centre vent.

Gauge comes with a pressure sensor which I mounted in the EGR blanking plate

Cylinder pressure tool arrived finally - Very expensive sensor:

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