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I had a 2005 545i with the sport package and now have a Audi A5 S-line with every option including dynamic drive select. I also was considering a BMW 335 coupe.

Personally I think the A5/S5 just really pop on the road ways. So many BMW's around that I don't even think people really notice them much. Lets be honest many of us aren't buying 50K cars or whatever to not have someone notice.

Interior is easily on Audi's side.

Reliability I think there really pretty close. I'm not sure you could really say one is that much better then the other. Not like it matters but I've noticed the BMW forums are literally riddled with people posting issues. They also sell more so that may have something to do with it. BMW's though have always been a high stickler on maintenance. You don't maintain something it will always bite you in the ass and on BMWs it seems to bite you much quicker.

Driving.....I test drove an S5 and A5 without Dynamic drive and I'd say BMW is the better feeling car from a steering stand point. Audi with Dynamic Drive its splitting hairs. Overall both feel excellent and both handle well beyond most cars on the road and are capable of things well beyond bending the laws on the streets.

I'd also lean on the Audi side with overall build quality that is noticable.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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