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Black Front Grille

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Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to the forums so i'm sorry if this has been covered many times before! I currently have an Ibis white 2.0tdi Quattro and I currently have the grey kinda colour front grill and rear valance but I would much rather have the front grille black as to match my gloss black Y spoke alloys. I'm not too sure if i like the honeycomb grille as i don't have the honeycomb fog light surrounds. i would also like to have the front number plate recess smoothed off (I understand my current laws state that i need to display one on the front at all times but i have never been stopped so i'm willing to take the risk) has anyone got any pictures of their A5 with the front grille being black? i've attached what the front of mine currently looks like.



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Either I'm colour blind or that picture doesn't reflect the true colour...but isn't it already balck?! I have the grey grill and it's very different to the colour of your grill in that picture!
Do you mean like this Quattro Ry?

OEMplus do this to keep the slats?

or these which are a plate delete section

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Hi Guys,

thanks for the responses!

Jamin_00 - that picture does help but im not too sure if the honeycomb would suit my car as if you look at your foglights you have a kind of honeycomb mesh over these, and on mine its just the horizontal lines. ( if you see Cav's picture of the red audi) that's what my fogs are, and I wouldn't be sure if it would match mine.

DrEskimo - Yeah sorry I'm new to these forums so im still unsure on how to upload pictures properly but if my picture loaded up to its full size properly it would be pretty easy to see that my front grille is the grey colour, the picture I uploaded isn't of my car but this is what it looks like standard. maybe matches your one?

Cav - yeah that is what I'm looking for, the bottom picture shows exactly what I'm looking for on the red Audi! my care is pre facelift so the first picture you put up is for the post facelift versions which wouldn't fit mine?

I have looked into buying one of thos plate delete sections to cover the front of it but it cant be taken out and replaced as its all one piece. I used my good friend google to find out that the US in some states don't need the front number plate so they can just remove the number plate mount and replace with the front delete. its a shame its not such a simple swap as for mine :(
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Does it not just clip over the existing grille? this ones going backwards but i think it shows what you want...

Mounting Front License Plate Holder

i think they have an extra mount for the front number plate?

yeah this is what I'm looking for, this to me looks like it just clips over our UK spec number plate recess? I think this would look decent when I would get my grille resprayed black!

don't suppose you know anywhere in the UK that would stock these ready to sell?

thanks for your help!
Finding the info was the easy part :D

not going to be many over here I think. I'd try ebay USA/google or stick a wanted in the sales section on here. Maybe a US or Canadian looking to sell

If you still want the look with a number plate, maybe you could adapt a platypus number plate holder for a UK style plate? it screws into the toweye holder. Probably a US import too though...
yeah I think i'll have to have a nose about and put up a wanted in that section, cheers for the help mate! I been screwing about it ever since I saw one and was getting fed up that I couldn't find any in the uk.

im gunna ring up my local audi and see if they could get hold of this part, as I could only find the exhaust mount for the dual exit on the internet from the US and they wanted like £70+! I rang my local audi dealer and they said £12!

gunna give that a go. cheers for your help though mate, much appreciated! :thumbsup:
I think 8K0807287T94 is the gloss black one available from Audi for around £60 +vat

(i stress "i think", please check lol)
oh nice one cheers! yeah i'll check before commiting though, thanks for your help mate
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