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Black bonnet

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I dropped a deckchair on mine from the rafters of the garage :no:

2010 Sportback

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Have you tried ebay - " audi a5 breaking " - i got mine for roughly £150 delivered in ok shape but luckily i was getting it repsrayed so the odd scratches on it didnt bother me
Cheers, I have looked and there is 2 but they are too far away and I'd rather look at it before buying as I want a mint one to put straight on.

Not much hope I know but really didn't want to get mine sprayed.
how bad is your one? Does it look terrible? if its not to bad its worth waiting for one to come along in the right colour.
If you have the ebay app ( you may be able to do this on the computer aswel) but you can save a search and it lets you know when something matches that search comes up.
When i needed bits i put a saved search in for " Audi A5 breaking" within 250 miles. So every a5 that was listing being broken i was notified of. Worth doing for your bonnet :D good luck :)
Just done that, thanks. I'll now get a message when something new gets listed :)

It's not terrible but I hate the fact that its there.
What's wrong with a red pray of the bonnet alone? Will be same price ish and will look brand new after?

Red pray = re-spray ? :)

I just didn't want any filler on my car, i was planning on actually looking after it and keeping it a few years although i may have to end up going down that route.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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