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Ben's 1.8T build

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Hi all

Introduced my self on the new users but I'll do it again

My names Ben I'm 21 and I'm from Newport South Wales

Absolutely love my cars but due to having a baby I've had to be sensible and buy a 'family' car

So searching for a A5 I come across a 1.8t, full audi service history 58k, leathers etc and the right colour
Went to view it and put a deposit down straight away

Pictures of it in the garage

I've had it about 2 months now and I do love it, so comfortable and luxurious!
Very few mods on this as the better half has restricted me because I spend too much money on cars :(

Hope you all like and will update slowly
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I know buddy we got to save for a house now aswell, were renting at the minute too and it's just wasteful :(

I miss the mk2 so much! Definitely getting another once we buy a house lol

Had the car mapped on Saturday, took it too 210bhp and 320lb torque, I must say it feels a completely different car, and gets better MPG

Also fitted led sidelights and xenon headlight bulbs today and drilled the airbox

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nice! can you tell me a bit about the extra power - do you have probs when starting at the traffic-lights in the 1st gear? any wheel spin?
did your fuel usage go down? or is it more as with the regular power?
thinks of going to 210hps as well.
thanks for your reply!
Hi joe

The remap has basically sorted out the flat spots in some gears. It does like to spin but if your sensible on take off then it's alright, I think it's because the torque has gone up quiet abit though
Sensible driving I was averaging about 25-30mpg urban before but now I'm averaging 35mpg so it's increased by 5mpg and goes a hell of a lot better mate
I'd definitely recommend one as I bought the car and loved it for the luxury comfort etc but instantly regretted the thrill of my mk2 and the power, and was really considering selling it just a month in. Thought I'd get it remapped before I decided and I love it again now
It's nowhere near my mk2 but it's comfy, and child friendly lol
thanks for the inside!
just ordered my glossy black RS-style grill and black foglight frames....maybe put some gloss black foile on the chrome-frame around the windows as well...paint the wheels black and get a remap.....can't wait to do all this, but it has to be step by step.
Yeh I was planning on blacking it all out aswell but decided on the clean look.
Planning on swapping the wheels for a set of LM's 20x 9j fronts and 10j backs, so if I do then the window trim will be staying chrome if not then will plastidip it and tint the windows :)

I only paid £40 for my grill, thought I'd try the cheaper option first nefore spending 200quid on the Rs style and just loved it since it was fitted, and not common like the Rs grill mate

What fog surrounds did you order? I want new ones too
the chrome rings around the fog lights. just that little rings.
i'll change them as well.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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