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Have noticed huge uptake on people joining up so I have decided to put some thoughts together on deliberations I had before ordering & that may help anyone close to ordering. Let me first say that I first came upon this site back in September last year & the contribution & knowledge were critical to my decision making. I ordered the A5 1.8 in October & took delivery March 1st. It has met & exceeded all my expectations & is truly a tremenduous feat of engineering & quality for the price bracket. I bought without a test drive, but I never had any concerns about doing so. I had being tracking it's availability since early last year & pretty much had all my homework done.

Recalling the weeks leading up to ordering, the following were what I found to be the tough & head wrecking decisions, but that ultimately gave me great satisfaction for the serious amount of time I spent deliberating. Important to also note that I am not attempting to impose these choices on anybody as the best options, but it will probably assist people especially if they are considering along similar lines.

No suprise with this being top of the list It's a key choice for everyone. I had seen them all in the flesh but I still found it a very very tough call. In hindsight, the real problem was that the car is exceptional in all colours & that was a nice problem to have in itself. I chose Phantom Black, against the advice of many of my friend that have or had previously black cars. I knew I would be diligent enough around the cleaning side of things & also strict about parking to potentially expose it to other car doors etc. I suppose with more of the cars on the road now, it is an easier choice for people to evaluate, but for what it's worth, my advice is to go with your gut instinct. The colour probably to be most careful of is Meteor Grey given it's hue variances. A gorgeous colour in it's dark grey variance, but I could'nt risk it.

Another key decision. My personal preference was for a light interior against a dark exterior. Just felt the cab needed that brightening up effect IMHO. I wanted the beige but was concerned about some of the pics & the dodgy dash colour combo. I went for Star Silver Valcona & am thrilled with it. The contrast against the black exterior gives a true luxiourous effect. It also enhances the the standard window tint very nicely. A couple of weeks after ordering I had a major wobbler after finding out about the grey two-tone dashboard & seen some photos. I had assumed I was getting a Black / Black dashboard, but on closer examination of the spec options, I did not have a choice. In hindsight, it was the photos really that made it look bad & it is now not an issue for me at all.
Was never really big into my music, but still went for it. It is a no-brainer. Suffice to say, I am now very much into my music. For me it's is another key feature of the enjoyment of the A5 driving experience & is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment as a feature in view of resale value.
Get them if there not standard. They are here in Ireland. There is no doubting the aura & distinctive presence they give the car on the road.

The standard 17" are defo not suitable for the arches. Go with 18 or 19s. Again, that was a late spot for me & had to do a deal with the dealer to have them changed when the car came in.

I can only say from start to finish, that it was a great customer experience. So far so good!!

I know I have only covered a fraction of the features, but for me the interior & exterior colours were the ones that wrecked my head.

None really, except for an occasional plastic / flapping sound when I leave the clutch out after starting up & going in to reverse. Need to have that checked out.

Good luck to everybody with their "before & after"

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