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Hey all,

First time poster/newbie. I have a 2011 S5 with 12k miles on it. last night while driving down the interstate, my car started beeping at me and the hazards automatically switched on. there were no warning lights or messages that came up on the dash. It was not overheated according to the gauge. I pulled over and turned the car off. the beeping stopped, the hazards continued to flash. i pushed the hazard light button in hopes it would turn it off, but they continued to flash. It seemed that when i pushed the hazard button, the flashing would slow down, but it would continue.

Finally after about 5 minutes, the hazard flashers finally turned itself off. I drove home with no issue and have not had it duplicate this since.

any thoughts? i am utterly baffled. put a call into the service dept and they didn't seem to have any idea why it would do this.
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