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Hi all,

I've tried searching this issue but can't seem to find anything, so here goes... I've got a Convertible S5 2009 (B8).

My battery completely died while I was over in Germany working for 6 weeks, the fob wouldn't unlock the car, the windows didn't lower when opening the doors and the key actually got trapped in the ignition which I didn't know would happen with no battery. Strange design choice 🙃

Anyway, the battery has been on charge for 3 days and is fortunately not dead. BUT, I have a "Soft top not secure" message whenever 35mph is passed and a flashing roof light on the dash now.

I've had a friend reset fault codes through the OBD2 port which there were a lot due to the battery being out obviously, but the equipment doesn't look modern, and it's more of a general kit to be honest so nothing for the soft top was found.

My question is, will a better reader be able to reset the roof sensors (something like VAGCOM or even something like crista) or do you think a full manual reset will be needed? Roof down and up by hand I mean.

Any help appreciated! Things like this do my head in.

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