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I feel as though nowadays customer care has gone out the window, I've given my car in to Audi for a full service and was told it should be back to me at 12, still waiting... Secondly the place I've dropped my parts off for hydrodipping trim pieces are taking the p*ss, I gave them my trim pieces last Monday was told it would be done for Friday ( plenty of time mind you ) didn't receive a call on the Friday , had to phone them for an update, and was told it will be today, again phoned them and now told it might be Wednesday... my cars in pieces atm...

Getting to the point where I think how do some businesses operate by not keeping with time constrictions? And telling fibs! :wall:

Atleast a courtesy call would keep me at ease I guess,

Ahh, I wish I was more patient at times...

Rant over :) feel better :2thumbsup:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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