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B9 2.0 190/252 GPF year?

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Thinking of getting back into an A5 after a year with my S3.

I owned a 190 a5 s-line before and it had a gpf which was ok but silent during the first 6 months, then it had a service at Audi and they told me they had updated it to the "2 new EU updates"
Since then there was always steam coming out of the exhausts when warm at idle, and more importantly the car felt like it only had 130hp, so I sold it.
Any ideas about that and what to do to counter it?

I also wondered what year the GPF/OPF was introduce? My old one was a 2019 and it had a gpf and so was next to silent, boring etc. Did the 2018/2017 models have a gpf or was it like my current S3 where it only got introduced in 2019?

S3, will miss virtual cockpit and B&O but won't miss the negative attention I get:

Sadly I lost the pics of my A5, just one left
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