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Hello All,

This is probably the best upgrade I've done (besides the 8' sub/add amp upgrade in the oem housing to parcel shelf to look oem.. I'll post later on that another day and put a link here). In my this first before messing with the dash speakers. See further down on that.
LONG but, here's all info for anyone who wants to do this.

Using the tweeter upgrade article as a reference guide, I upgraded my 2012 non B&0 3g high/nav system to have tweeters in door triangle sail panels. I found the link/article years ago after buying the car used and wish I did it then! I didn't expect it do to as much as it did. Granted, I didn't use the oem B&O tweeter (8ohm is oem instead of 4 ohm and thought I could do better) so can't say how theirs sounded.

Point is: It really brightens up the muddy sounding system. It's really fixing the lack of highs and clarity!
Total cost: about $150 (depending on what tools you already have and if you buy new sail panels[below])
What do you need?:
Tweeters: Kicker KST25 1' tweeter silk dome MFR # 41KST254 (I suppose you could try 3/4 size tweeters for a better fit)
Tools: zip ties, soldering tools, wire strippers/cutters, xt-60 quick connectors, electrical tape, sander/cutter tool to resize mount hole for tweeter as it's smaller than the new tweeter. Needs to be inset further to put covers on.
Tools: New B&0 sail panels ($75ish on ebay for both) or a super tiny hand dremel tool set <1mm (amazon) if you want to poke holes in the blank covers to make grills. It was way too much work and time! And,while the hand drill tips are super small, the hole edges looked jagged/scratched/modified/discolored. It just didn't work well in my opinion. I also broke three various size tips(they are small!) in the process so... I gave up. You may not mind the work/look.

This really livens things up and having the small tweeters so much closer really makes notes shine. Stuff I didn't hear before or was at least muted. So much more depth to the songs.

Found a thread where someone tested a few brands and recommended these tweeters for the sail panels doors since they are off axis. Kicker KST25. Its a 1 inch silk dome tweeter. Got it for just under $70 on ebay since they are an older model. They are hard to find since it's been replaced with a newer model (and therefore more $). It has slightly revised specs but I'm sure it will work equally well.
I used the mid bass from the door as my input per the article. This tweeter has the crossover already wired into the speaker wires so it's so easy to do!
I used quick connectors so I could unplug them anytime but you could wire directly into the door speaker wire if you want.
Tweeters are larger than the oem hole mount so whittle carefully/dremel away on the plastic tabs a while to get it so the tweetwer sits lower and still snug. Worked very well. Makes sense when you do it.
Note: I cut the hole mount so I could angle them level and just slightly towards the center of vehicle at least. The oem housing has it angled in the housing up at an angle away from the ears! Who know why?!!

Side note: Just over a year ago I put in the Dayton rs75-4's (3 inch speakers) in the 3 dash spots. With no crossover (so it's full range) for middle speaker but kept the 10uf caps on the dash corners. There's a thread out there on this upgrade. Anyhow, I wasn't completely excited about the upgrade. It wasn't that noticeable for all the work in my opinion to work in the tight space. It sounded a bit sharper but not much.

All fixed now! Very happy! Sound is so close and detailed.A few pics in next post below.

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Installed. Level and slightly angled towards center of the car. Just need to pop on the cover.



OEM vs 1" Kicker tweeter. You could go 3/4 and probably be a closer direct install.


OEM B&O tweeters and how they are mounted (didn't use them..i'll sell to anyone as they came with the BO sail panels?) but notice the angle on these.. Nope!

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