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Hi all 👋,

Recently I have done 1st stage ECU map via some doggy neighbour (ikr but I am too poor for professional service) and straight after that I got an cruise control not working.
I am not sure how it has been done but upon inspection of the ECU it seems like he did not open it so it was prob something like kees v2 or k-tag

I have VCDS and it seems few more errors that never appeared there before but it could be as well a coincidence..
Every now and then cruise control seems to be switching itself back on for like a day but then it dies again with no warning lights on dashboard.
I have had this car for like 2 years now and have not had any problems what so ever with any of the steering controls so not sure why it would do it in the same exact moment as the ECU flash happened.

Do you have any ideas what should I do next? Guy seems to be ignoring me but he guaranteed that it has nothing to do with the stuff that he did.
Also stuff that I have not seen before (but I scan my car regularly) are:
  • 01273 - Fresh Air Blower (V2)
  • 4794 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70)
Could any of this be related to what he did or is it purely coincidence?

Also two more questions regarding these modules:
  • 56-Radio -- Status: Malfunction 0010
  • 5F-Information Electr. -- Status: Malfunction 0010

I have custom subwoofer and now my ECU is throwing error that there is open circuit. Is there anything that I can do to remove this error?
Also I have had the 5F error since I have had the car and I always wondered if there is anything that I can do to correct firmware version. Also why is it a wrong one, has someone replaced the main head unit?

Here is autoscan: Self-Diagnosis LogTuesday,22,February,2022,21:28:01:00009VIN: XXX License Pl -
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