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B8.5 Halogen to Bi-Xenon - New parts

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I was wondering what I need to do this?
I have the Halogen lights in my B8.5 and I was looking around for info. I see @Marshy-A5 Is looking into this too.

But I'm just looking to buy the whole Bi-Xenon unit with all the bits on them brand new. Can anyone advise me where I can buy them?
Also with regards to auto-levelling how do I check if my car has that already? What do I need to look out for?

I will probably buy the looms from AudiRetrofits and code myself.

I have ETKA if that helps but I cant find the part number for the whole assembly.
Also you have lots of variants. USA/EU/UK not sure what the differences are etc

See below ETKA dump of part numbers from my VIN


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