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B5 Sportback battery options

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Now that my S5 is over 7 years old I am ready for it to ask me for a new battery. I like to have my dashcam in parking mode so I plan to get a higher capacity one. I had a look at the OE battery and the space around it and it looks like the maximum length could be about 410mm. My quick research suggests that my only option is to get an "020" AGM battery and all seem to be 105Ah and around 393mm long. Can anyone concur from experience?
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Mate hows you??? Batteries as far as I know come in "standard" dimensions so the space you have will dictate what battery you can fit. 105 sounds good, I have an older S4 and in the bay I fitted a 105aH Varta. My old Vito van has the same identical space and again 105aH, and the Bosch or Varta seem to work great!!!!
S5 v8 I fitted one of these
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