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B&O without MMI - anyone unhappy?

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How does the B&O system sound without having MMI. And if possible has anyone one heard both B&O w/ and w/out MMI?
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Ok, I've read all the posts but I'm still very confused :confused:
I've ordered an S5 with B&O but without MMI, does this mean I won't be able to control bass, treble, balance, etc?

If so, then it sucks... on my old A4 -06 with the biggest speaker-package I always had the bass at +4 and the treble at +2.

I really have no need for the MMI nav, but now I'm considering to order it just so that I can use me B&O :mad:
Allright now I get it and understand the problem.
Thanks for the clarification :)
I read this on the site you posted:

"Some users have also reported inferior sound quality on cars without MMI/navigation, which might be explained by the analogue line-out audio transport instead of going all digital over MOST. "

Could this be true? Does anybody agree?
Yea you're right loc, it has to be working and with the right prerequisites, working amps, good music quality etc...
But I will get my hands on a S5 this week for a test drive and I'll definately give the B&O a test run.
Listened to my S5 and another S5, both with B&O and using the same CD: wow, what a difference, in the other car the sound was really good (similar as the Bose setup in older Audis)! This was clear proof that the subwoofer and/or amplifier is the problem (in many cars?) and my dealer ordered replacement parts. Let's wait and see, uh, hear!
Yes, please keep us updated on this issue :)
These cars, do they have MMI or not?
So, the other day I borrowed an A5 with the B&O system from my dealer to try it out. First off the system is really good and second the system really sucks :mad:

It's good because the sound quailty is crisp, smooth and of high quality at low/normal volume levels. But! The bass is not as satisfying. It flutters and there is not enough "punch" in it.

I took the car to one of swedens best car-audio-mod dealers and we took a look at it. He put in one of his test-CDs and gave the system a thorough test.

He was dissapointed that it was a "flat" subwoofer and it definately needed replacement. He also said something that I noticed but couldn't figure out what it was... That the software was "bad" (depending on how you see it).

He told me that the software was programmed so that the system manipulated the output volume so that the sound quality never sounds bad. For instance, when I played a song with bass and had the system at max volume (which btw bugs me that you can actually reach max volume pretty fast!) and when the harder bass kicks in the system automatically adjusts/lowers the volume. This makes the bass flutter and that's probably why the sound quality/bass is "bad", in combination with the flat subwoofer to save trunk space.

So the software is "good" for a certain target group, the one's who wants a "beautiful" sound and maybe mostly listenes to classic music. But for others, like me, who listens to Soul, RnB, House and Techno the programming impairs the overall quality of the system.

So I'm mostly (read deeply) disappointed at the software rather than the subwoofer. But of course the subwoofer is too poor in relation to the rest of the system and to what you pay for the system.

But I will buy the system anyway and replace the subwoofer and the "slutsteg" as it's called in swedish... don't know the english name for it but it's the "last" part that increases the current and adjusts the impedance... and from what I've understood that's where the software is.
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This was my experience too in my car (i was really shocked by the bad quality), until............I listened to the same CDs in another (newer!) S5 with B&O using the same sound settings and did hear that it is not so bad at all (many more bass, enough punch, etc).

So maybe your dealers car was one of many cars that suffers from a bad subwoofer/amplifier. Mine is being replaced soon (both parts are on back-order, because of the big demand!) and I will tell you the results. Of course it will still not be a full-fledged Alpine system (or the like) but if possible, check another (newer?) A5/S5 with B&O too if you can.
It could have been one of those who suffer from a badsubwoofer... But just to be clear, in my opinion the subwoofer/amplifier isn't "bad" or defect, I just think it's weak and that the software is bad.

But I will definately try to get my hands on a newer A5/S5 with B&O. Just for note, the car I tried out the other day was an A5 with B&O, without Sat Nav.

I'm really eager to find out if your situation changes with the replacement parts :D
I was stunned to find that the bass performed better when set to 75% than at 100% which I think is what denakno is referring to in his post about the software and bass fluctuations.
Yea that's what I meant.

And this is what I think:
I think the subwoofer is too weak, I'm not convinced that there's something wrong with it. So that's why the puff from the rear is small. But believe me I really hope you guys are right. Cause if so, then the fix is pretty simply, just go to the dealer :)
But if not the only thing to do is to replace the subwoofer/amplifier (in case if you think it's worth it).

But keep us updated on your progress TLU.
Hi Tonny
Nice to see some other Swedes here, I myself live in Gothenburg :)

Tonny, check out this thread

drastik3 has replaced his sub as well, but he only replaced the sub and not the amplifier. So it still has the original software, where I think the root of the problem lays. I've PM:ed him and asked how it behaves with the new sub, I'll let you know.

Still waiting on what TuffLittleUnit says with his new replacement parts :)
Nice to hear TFU, good for you :D
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