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B&O without MMI - anyone unhappy?

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How does the B&O system sound without having MMI. And if possible has anyone one heard both B&O w/ and w/out MMI?
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The missing setting (in cars without MMI), as far as I know, is the one which allows the user to select front/rear/driver bias for the surround setup.
I think they are missing the surround option where there is a dial to select the amount of surround sound processing that takes place. The front/all/driver is a different option (although I dont know if that is present or missing on non MMI).
Mine's in at the stealer's today for the 9,000 mile oil change.
Thats a bit early for an oil change isnt it? Mine is up around 18,000.
i always assumed this was fixed in a software update at some point. I have the B&O with MMI low (no navi) and yet i have all the surround, left/right bias, and front/rear fader options enabled.
There are at least one possibly two more options enabled on the MMI high with B&O. From memory surround is one of them.
1 - 3 of 69 Posts
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