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B&O without MMI - anyone unhappy?

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How does the B&O system sound without having MMI. And if possible has anyone one heard both B&O w/ and w/out MMI?
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I also tried out the B&O system today, and my first conclusion is, that it is way off (down!) from the quality level of the Bose system in my previous S4! :(

The sound is not balanced, there are almost no lows (the sub is apparantly not used optimally) and the rear speaker(s) is/are virbrating (on medium volume already!). After 10 minutes, I even stopped playing CDs because it was too annoying.

A bit later a friend of mine got into the S5 and (without telling him anything) I put on one of his CDs. His reaction was: huh? is all ok with your audio? :eek: (he drives a 2007 TT with Bose system as his reference).

Can you imagine how to explain customers to buy this expensive option?

Ok, one question: is it possible to put off the whole B&O DSP stuff (it is possible to put-off Bose in the S4/TT via VAG-COM)?
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Listened to my S5 and another S5, both with B&O and using the same CD: wow, what a difference, in the other car the sound was really good (similar as the Bose setup in older Audis)! This was clear proof that the subwoofer and/or amplifier is the problem (in many cars?) and my dealer ordered replacement parts. Let's wait and see, uh, hear!
This might be a stupid question, but I assume you checked to ensure you had the DSP sound settings identical in both cars (e.g., DSP 'Sound Set' = All)?
It is not a stupid question :rolleyes: and of course, I had both cars on the same DSP, volume/balance/fader/bass/treble/etc settings :cool:

There was really a huge difference in sound (also the dealer listened to it, and said: wow, after 2 seconds). In the good car, the bass was very solid, deep and not disturbing in any way. It was the difference between a high-end setup (in the new car) and a low-entry solution (in my car :mad:).

Keep you posted.
These cars, do they have MMI or not?
Yes, both cars have MMI and B&O.
It's good because the sound quailty is crisp, smooth and of high quality at low/normal volume levels. But! The bass is not as satisfying. It flutters and there is not enough "punch" in it.
This was my experience too in my car (i was really shocked by the bad quality), until............I listened to the same CDs in another (newer!) S5 with B&O using the same sound settings and did hear that it is not so bad at all (many more bass, enough punch, etc).

So maybe your dealers car was one of many cars that suffers from a bad subwoofer/amplifier. Mine is being replaced soon (both parts are on back-order, because of the big demand!) and I will tell you the results. Of course it will still not be a full-fledged Alpine system (or the like) but if possible, check another (newer?) A5/S5 with B&O too if you can.
It helps!

So, my car is back from the dealer and has new B&O sub/amp and it is really a great difference! Now it sounds like a good setup, with good balance, crisping high and solid low. Of course I tried it with the same CDs as before, and now finally I can enjoy the music.

Be not overenthusiastic: it is still not as good as the previous Bose system, and certainly not as good as the Alpine factory system in the AM.
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