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HI All,

not sure if anyone can help. My partners A5 tfsi has an issue with the sound in that only the front centre speaker works with the radio. If i use VCDS to do an output test all the speakers make a test sound but not through CD or radio. no battery issues on the car but it has had some water on the Amp by the look of it although everything seems to be fine after resoldering a few pins that were dry. We did have a J525 module error but now its an error code 00003. Below is the fault we are having.

Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Address 47: Sound System Labels: 8T0-035-223-BOM.clb
Control Module Part Number: 8T0 035 223 T HW: 8T0 035 223 F
Component and/or Version: DSP Prem H14 0400
Software Coding: 020101
Work Shop Code: WSC 12336 024 394758
1 Fault Found:

00003 - Control Module
014 - Defective
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 01101110
Fault Priority: 5
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 255
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2064.00.00
Time: 00:03:44

Freeze Frame:
Voltage: 14.30 V
Temperature: 37.0°C
Temperature: 41.0°C
Bin. Bits: 00000100
Bin. Bits: 00000100
Bin. Bits: 00000000
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