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93 octane testing at AWE Tuning is complete. And here we go. Extensive “East coast” data logging, feedback and fine tuning at AWE Tuning HQ, across multiple 3.0T FSI cars (including AWE Tuning’s in house B8 S4, 6MT), has gone into this file – producing some serious power.

  • +84 HP, +35 TQ at peak
  • The most horsepower gains in the B8 3.0T FSI market
  • Improved throttle response
  • 93 octane pump, stock, and race files – all included
  • 91 available as well
  • One button switching
  • Comes with handheld

This software calibration offers dramatic improvements over the factory software. Proven rock solid across temperatures, octanes and elevations on the street, strip, or track.

Power figures

  • The 93 octane program makes 448hp and 396lb-ft at the crank when coupled with AWE Tuning Exhaust and S-FLO Intake.
  • The 100 octane program dishes out 464hp and 413lb-ft at the crank when coupled with AWE Tuning Exhaust and S-FLO Intake.

AWE Tuning is one of a few select dealers worldwide able to flash your car with this upgrade while you wait, or send in your ECU for bench flashing through the order form. The turnaround is quick, with next day return shipping after receipt.

Additional highlights

  • Available for 6 speed or S-Tronic cars.
  • Removed vehicle speed limiter.
  • Will not hinder ability to pass emissions testing.
  • G.I.A.C. provides free lifetime upgrades to original G.I.A.C. customers.
  • Switch maps on the fly with the Handheld Switcher – one button switching

Package includes pump, stock power, and race files – as well as the Handheld Switcher unit.

The file is ready to rock, right now. Download the order form, or contact AWE Tuning at 1.888.565.2257, 215.658.1670 or [email protected] for more information. Audi Performance Specialists await!
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