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Avus Silver = WOW

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I just saw the Avus Silver on both A5 and RS4. It's an amazing color. Has a slight tinge of blue and just really makes the car stand out. I went to the dealership originally to check out Quartz Silver. After seeing the Avus, Quartz didn't look good at all.

Any idea how I can get an Avus Silver on 2009 S5???

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They don't offer Avus Silver for 09. I got the Monza Silver, which is just about the same thing.

I love the Monza. Like the Avus, it has a slight blue tint. In direct sunlight it kind of has the bluish tint, and in the evening it looks more silver.

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I'm not sure about the S5 but, you have to get the S-Line package on the A5 to get it. I'm sure the Audi website would tell you though. Just to clarify, they stopped making the Avus silver and replaced it with Monza silver for 09.
Yea, I'm glad I went with that color. Now my wife is jealous because she wants that color for her Audi TT 3.2.:D
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