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Availability of Audi A5/S5

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Hi everyone, first post here. I am wondering how is the availability of both A5 and S5 in US (Chicago region) right now. I am going to call up a few dealers ask them about the same question too, but any information from guys that just place their order recently would be much better since the sales people have reputation of telling the wrong story. And could you tell how long one would have to wait after placing a order. Coming from years driving BMW, this is the first time i am going to buy a Audi ;)

Thanks alot!
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Expect a sizable wait. Most are +/- 6 months due to demand vs. production volume.

If you are looking for it quicker check online, call dealerships and be prepared to travel to go pick up you car (or have it delivered). You can find ones that people have backed out of their sales and the car becomes available right away.
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