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Audio issues with B&O/MMI

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1st issue is the tone.DSP settings for me are waste of time.Do get a nice sound if sound focus is set to all and fader slightly rear but feel it can do better.Setting sound focus to driver or front sounds awful.I need eq settings.Does it have them?

2nd issue is in tone settings i cant find subwoofer settings,only bass and treble.The MMI manual shows and describes subwoofer settings.What am i missing?

3rd issue is rear left speaker makes a flapping sound with heavyish bass.Its not the speaker so something vibrating or a mounting issue.Any idea what it is or have a fix?

4th issue is cant eject cd.Not a drama cos media connectivity is brilliant,but it is a niggle

My issues mainly are about setup not with the B&O itself.Having isolated and listened to individual speakers and checked the spec i believe/know the audio should sound better.Genuinley hoping that i鈥檓 being an idiot.At the moment audio not anywhere near the Bose in my old B7 A4 (which i didn鈥檛 expect anyway) I a very frustrated audiophile at the moment...SORRY for length of this post...this is the shorter version 馃槀
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B&o doesn't have a sub setting, flapping sound at rear left will be your high brake light housing or your sub (common).

Here are my settings. If I could reccomend. An upgrade the Audison Ap8 in front and treat the doors with dynamat.

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Thanks for the reply heylinTTnz...will check out flapping fix at the weekend 馃憤 I did try your settimgs (and thousands of others) but still not satisfied.Appreciate it鈥檚 a personnel choice but whole system sounds very flat/dull to my ear...will persevere with settings for a while but if no joy then will consider your speaker replacement advice....AP8,s do seem popular...Thanks again for time taken
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