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Audi S5 V8 with some weird issues

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Hi Guys,

I have a 2010 Audi S5 V8, which is developing some weird issues.

Issue number one,
- When starting the car, we have to press the clutch very hard so it starts, if I do not do that, it will display message to press the clutch to start engine.

My mechanic has been working on the car, we already replaced the master cylinder, slave cylinder and it got a little bit better but now is the same again and most of the times the car will not start at all.

Clutch seems to be okay, no slipping and goes through gears with no issues at all.

Issue number two.
- One day I took the car out and when arriving to the car it wouldn't start, I thought the issue was related with the clutch issue but sometimes, you could hear the engine kind if cranking and stoping before the engine start.

I've called AA, they tested the battery and said I needed to replace it, we end up starting the car by pushing it with his van and then drove the car home.
When I driving home, I've noticed radiator fan was on all the time (which it didn't before the car ran out of battery).
Spoke with my mechanic, replaced the battery for a new one, cleared codes and still the fan was always on (fan on the right side of the car).

He has now been with the car for a few weeks and had an auto spark looking at it, which could not find any issue, they replaced the radiator fans resistance, made no difference, no DTC codes, nothing that could lead us to a solution.

Because I needed the car, he decided to disconnect the fan which was causing the drain and connected a temporary switch so I could start the car.

Did anyone had a similar experience and can lead me anywhere?

This S5 is driving me insane :oops:
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How many miles on the car and any service history? The battery needs to be correctly coded to the car. Sounds like you need to connect vcds so see what codes u have.
The car is now around 90k miles,

My car doesn't have start and stop, do I need to code the battery to the car?

From what my mechanic told me there are no codes returned (I am not sure if they do use VCDS or if they use a general diagnostic machine).
I've drove the car today, to get to work, started okay (through the temporary switch inside the car) and it did not drain the battery overnight.

But I have the second radiator fan (which my mechanic says is for the AC) disconnected
My S4 V8 gave me some issues when I bought her 2 years ago and the fans would come on and stay on when I left the car so i played disconnect the battery for a while. Then I contacted the very friendly guys here Audi Parts & Spares | Audi Breaker | Prestige Motor Services Ltd and they suggested it could be a faulty fan sensor thing which lives behind the front bumper. So I bought one (a used but working part) and when I removed the bumper found TWO of these so at a guess replaced the one nearest to the front of the car and lo and behold problem fixed!!!! I think that mine had er kissed another car so these components are VERY vulnerable.
Looks like in my case is the fan itself causing the issue.

Already purchased it, now am playing the waiting game.

For the clutch issue, "everyone" seems to be saying I should replace it, which sounds like a waste for me because when driving it, I see no issues, anyways, as I was on a shopping spree, decided to buy a new clutch for it as well.
I can't remember exactly the name, but I had the same issue with my S5. It was a throw out bearing, or something similar. I'll ask my mechanic who's coming over on the weekend.

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Ok, did some more searching for you, see this link for their solution.

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Yes, I've heard about the throwout bearing as well, which means taking the gearbox apart and I would probably be better by replacing the clutch at the same time.

I've seen that as well, did it and did not work hehe
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