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I have a batch of these that I got custom made.

  • Perfect for those that who want to repaint their calipers and keep the S5 decal.
  • Same size/shape as the one on the stock S5 caliper.
  • Stickers are die cut for easy placement.
  • See below for color combos available. (Custom colors can be ordered for additional fee)
  • I can also install these with clear coat for you if you send me the cover that the decals are on (as shown below). These pop off easily, you don't need to remove the calipers. PM me for more info.
  • $10 shipped for a pair.

Black/Red Combo

Black/White Combo
(Gray background is only there to show white outlines)

White/Red Combo

Black/Grey/Red Combo (stock)

Instructions on how I painted my calipers and applied the decals (click here)

(This is a picture with 3 coats of clear coat over the decal)


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Instructions on painting calipers

I used the Dupli-Color Engine Enamel spray cans.

  1. Pop off the cover that the S5 logo is on.
  2. Clean down the calipers and covers.
  3. Sand down the calipers and covers until they are VERY smooth, this will give the caliper a nice clean finish. I used 60 grit paper first, then 120, and 320 to finish. (The stock calipers have a rough texture to them) Sanding the calipers took the most time, about 1.5 hours.
  4. Clean the calipers and covers.
  5. MASK UP EVERYTHING! If you don't plan on taking the calipers off, make sure you cover the FULL car because you don't want overspray anywhere on the car. Mask off everything around the calipers except the calipers obviously.
  6. Spray the calipers and the covers. 4 coats 10 minutes apart.
  7. Apply the S5 decals on the cover.
  8. Apply the clear coat on the calipers and covers. 2-3 coats 10 minutes apart.
  9. This should all be done under an hour for the best results.
  10. Let everything dry overnight! Don't unmask anything, don't pop the covers back onto the calipers, don't put your wheels back on. Just wait and let everything dry overnight before doing any of this!

Dupli Color Engine Enamel Yellow and Clear Coat

This was right after I sanded the calipers down and masked up the calipers.

Completely covered up
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