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Hello everyone,
I have joined that forum because 2 days ago I bought my dream car Audi S5 :)

But I've got one issue with taillight there is a Canadian version (maybe the same as on the US market).
Is there someone who changed taillight from Canada to the EU?

1. Do you know if I can just recode taillights ( using VCDS and change the color of diodes from red to yellow and that would be enough?)
2. Should I change the whole lamp to the EU version? If yes will it work as a "plug and play" or recode is still needed?

I would like to do that on my own so thank you for every tip and advice :)
If option one is enough I tried to recode lamps using VCDS (46- Comfort module and channels 195 - 210) but with no success. Maybe some have appropriate codes?

Thanks in advance for your support :)
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