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Hi Guys,

I have a 2014 Audi RS5 convertible. I've had her for 2 years now only driving her from late spring to early fall. I absolutely love this car. It has such a mean and unique look and the power it has is just ridiculous . The only thing that bothers me about this car is the sound. Whenever, I start her she barely makes any noise(For a RS5). Even when I would punch it, it just wasn't what I expected. Considering it is a RS5, I expected a lot more. I thought it would have been way loader and aggressive. Anyways, I've been spending my majority of money on customizing other aspects bit I figure its time I deal with the sound issue because I know there must be something wrong. I checked my valves and I noticed that they are closed all the time. Even when I switch it into dynamic mode the valves remain closed. Which leads me to believe they are either seized or they don't open. I am not sure what exhaust system I have on the car at the moment. They are either the stock RS5 or the Sport exhaust. I have to double check the paper work.

Essentially, what i'm looking for is something more aggressive and loader. However, not so load that its just obnoxious. I love the sound of the car the way it is now. I just wish it could be amplified. Defiantly looking to have a open/closed value system for the days I go to the office.

I've been doing a lot of research into different systems and options. I have contacted a few shops. For my Toronto family, I will most likely be getting my work done at Hot Rod Scotts Exhaust. They've done good work on my bothers cars. After explaining to them what I'm looking for, they recommended I get a ' 2x front res deletes & mid red delete with xpipe 2.5" '. I truly don't know what this means. I've seen people talking about res deletes but they are usually not specific to which res's they take out.

I guess my questions is, would you guys recommend this. Every video and forum I've looked at people talk about how much they love it. It offers a more aggressive and raw sounding car. But is it louder? If you don't recommend this, then what do you recommend? Am I better spending my money on another system? The only concern i have with changing the entire system is the sounds. I love the sound it made now because it matches the car. There's a lot of people I know who spend a shit ton on a new systems to make it sound like a 600+ hp but in reality their car is half that. I'm really just looking for something that compliments the car. I don't really have a budget. They quoted me $550 but I got about $1500 to spend on a upgrade. Maybe even a but more if needed.

Thank you in advance.

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