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I wrote and asked about why the availability of the S5 and R8 was so limited and why they let their dealer add on to the MSRP. Their explanation about the FTC and price fixing is not true to my knowledge. Just thought I would share this with all.

Thank you for contacting Audi of America. We regret that you have not
been able to find the Audi vehicles you are looking for. The two you
named are the two most demanded at this time; the R8 is sold out a year
or two in advance at most dealerships, and the S5 demand is so heavy
that delivery time is stretching to double the usual wait. Our only
advice for both is to be on a dealer's list and wait until an order can
be placed. The dealers do receive normal allocations, but many of them
to come will be needed to cover the customers on the waiting list.

Regarding pricing, Audi does not condone nor support any dealer pricing
above MSRP, and we emphasize that position repeatedly in our dealer
discussions. Nonetheless, it should be recognized that automobile
dealers are free to negotiate and set prices independently of MSRP; and
secondly that legally Audi cannot abridge this process, as that would
constitute price fixing per the U.S. Federal Trade Commission.

Although we are certainly pleased at the great success of the R8 and the
S5, we do sincerely regret that we cannot more quickly satisfy the
customers who are waiting. We are making every effort to obtain more
models more quickly.

Again, thank you for writing.


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The "S" in MSRP means "suggested"

As I understand it, in the US manufacturers can not force independently-owned dealerships to adhere to set prices, unless they require all resellers to sell at that same price.
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