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Audi is on a bit of a roll at the moment, especially in terms of their new cars’ über-cool details.
Their LED daytime running lights and Bang and Olufsen stereos are certainly hitting the spot, and if their latest Tokyo concept gets the green light for production, expect queues out of the door of your local dealership.

As part of their Metroproject (for this read new A1) concept, Audi unveiled a touch-screen mobile phone, which also acts as an access authorisation system, navigation unit and audio and video player. Beat that iPhone.

The device allows the driver to remotely activate the car’s heating before you leave your house, and when you approach the car, sensors open door for you so the days of fumbling for your keys may be numbered. You can also input sat nav directions and upload your MP3s from the comfort of your living room.

The Metroproject car itself is also equipped with cameras, so should someone unauthorised attempt to get in to the car, the system will photograph them and send you the images via its wi-fi link. Clever stuff.

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