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Audi A5 2011 - 3G HNAV MMI


After doing an upgrade on my MMI i came in to the navigation data is blocked issue and managed to fix it so thought i would run through my steps to help anyone else

The issue for me was the firmware -you need to use the right firmware for the maps, the latest version for MMI HNAV 3G is 0257_6 - this was released in 2016 - and all these maps are from 2021 - so you can appreciate all these maps probably expect this firmware and is likely why you have issues. from what i understand activators are firmware specific too, so i would assume all activators are for the 0257_6 version.

The confusion for me was all the forums, no one specified you had to upgrade the firmware, they are all tailored to the 3G+ users, not the 3G High/Hnav users ,no one cares us about us guys :(

So here is the process i followed anyway

You will need to keep starting your car up! as the battery will drain after 2 hours or so, especially with the MMI taking so long to update each bit. you can remove key from ignition, mmi wont turn off during, but remember to keep the battery charged with some engine running every so often, if your battery runs flat its likely it wont ever work again.

Step 1 - Remove nav data , best just to start with a clean copy! - Enter the green menu, -> Nav -> Delete Nav partition - deletion only takes 2 mins.

Step 2 - go to settings -> version - you probably find the navigation is missing now, and probably wont load.

Step 3 - Remove previous activators ->

Best to keep everything clean,

Or go direct to the link here

To execute, copy to sd card, insert in to car - this gives us a clean slate

Step 4 - start upgrading your MMI - this is a lengthy job! -i did each version step by step -using this link to get the firmware

Go up in increments - so if you are on version 0206 - start with 0253 - if you are on 0206 go to 0253 etc, I'm not sure if its mandatory but its the way i did it to avoid issues - there is a lot of talkfor bose users not to update bose, so make sure you don't upgrade it.

Always using user defined for me, and selecting all the options

You will find the green menu function stops working between upgrades annoyingly

When you get to 0257_6 this is where confusion begins as there is 3 folders! Not sure why, but these need installing 1 by 1 , 1 after another

So first install folder 1 -> User defined and select the options (except bose)
then 2 -> User defined and select the options(except bose)
Then 3 -> User defined and select the options(except bose)

You may notice after 1 that DVD and jukebox and a few features are missing, these all came back after folder 2 for me.

Once you have installed all the firmware, which can take4-5 hours going through all the firmware(real blag!)

Load up the mmi, check all features work, radio, sounds ok, telephone, navigation(probably wont load,if it does you didnt delete the nav partition),

Step 5 - Install the navigation update 6.33.1 from here - one point, the folders are already organised for you on this link, so need to worry about the usual deleting folders to make it fit on to the sd card etc.

Copy to the SD and go through the update process as usual, you will find even on user defined that a lot of features are already selected, i assume this is because the nav has now been deleted so it knows it needs to install everything

After 3-4 hours, and the navigation is updated,you should find the nav loads , and likely gets blocked after 5 minutes, but at this point its time for the activator

Step 6 - use the activator available on the above link, using the HNAV version

Copy to SD card - insert in to sd1 and execute.

Reboot MMI

Hopefully, you should be sorted!!

ONce you are on latest firmware upgrade, i will assume next map updates won't cause you this much of a headache,but for me it was the first navigation update since the car was born in 2011 , so i had plenty to update!

if this helps you out and saves you a dealer trip and £500 feel free to buy me a coffee :)

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