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hi there guys, I just got myself a super slick 2013 audi a4 premium plus today. I decided to see if there was any updates for the maps or MMI at all and indeed there were! I see the free route that is provided here :

is only available for EU models so I was going to use the us version here :

this is a 120$ US update but I had no idea it it was actually worth updating or not do any of you guys have any info on that? I haven't run into any issues at all yet but i would like the Bluetooth the connect faster if possible. I'm probably at the minimum interested in updating the NAV maps.

my current MMI and NAV maps versions are

hn+_US_AU3g_P0609 MMI

8r0060884ba NAR 5.7.3 NAV

thank you so much for the help ahead of time guys! have a great day!

edit: grammar xD
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