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I wonder if anyone can help me ...

I live in Sydney, Australia. My wife just bought me an Audi watch from Audi Sydney. It cost $520AUD (i.e. about $455US or 290 British pounds). I don't really like the watch, so Audi Sydney have said they're happy to exchange it for something else. They told me to look on the UK website, because apparently Australia can get the same stock. I was told that Australia can't get the stock that's on the US site.

When I had a look at the UK website, I saw that the same watch only cost 148 pounds ... and on the US site, there were much nicer watches, with more features, for $99US and $159US ... after comparing all three website, it appears that the same merchandise in Australia is double, or sometimes triple, the price it is elsewhere.

So ... my questions are (if anyone knows):
1. Why is the merchandise so much more expensive in Australia? and
2. How can I get merchandise from the US site in Australia (either through Audi Australia or Audi USA)? (the cost of shipping it to Australia would still make it cheaper)

Thanks in advance ...
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