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and they also DO NOT offer to wash your car afterwards ... Ayr Audi offered to wash the car after it's warranty repair.
Sadly, Colborne's Audi (Basingstoke) did wash my car yesterday (after me expressly asking the service receptionist for it not to be done - I've seen how they do it :eek:) and now it needs a warranty repair. £150 worth of recent paint correction top-up treatment negated in the shape of fine swirl marks over most of the panels I studied whilst filling-up this morning.

I'll get the Auto Balm out tomorrow before the blizzards sweep in and see if I can recover it somewhat but not happy!

I echo the comment re. the Techs though - have a great relationship with the Master Tech and he's making it a personal crusade to keep me happy. Wonder if he'll polish the car for me....?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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