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Woo Rab, that's ridiculous, Crawley Audi give me a cuppa, every time I go in. If I leave the car they pay for a taxi back home or on the odd occassion if there's a spare pool car laying around let me have it. I have to instruct them to NOT wash the car as I don't want to risk a grit ridden sponge on it but do allow them to do the interior. The moment I walk in my salesman is informed so to ensure he'd come and see me if free. As for knowledge I'd agree most of them aren't the best but at least at Crawley they have even taken an interest in my mods. I've got the steering judder problem being reported on other threads yet despite my mods (coilovers are the main issue) their S5 Master Tech has pushed Audi UK into addressing the issue for me which considering the lack of support other Uk'ers have experienced with the same issue I perceive to be priveleged.

In fact the only gripe I have with them is that I understand my salesman may well get made redundant this week yet he's been one of if not their top salespeople for the last 4 years and they are keeping what I percieve to be some right noddies. IMO a simply stupid business decision!

Anyway back on track...
I actually referred Audi Crawley to the forum regarding the steering judder and this was the passed onto Audi UK Tech Support. Until then the dealer was getting no where with esculating the issue. Maybe it's up to us to make it happen. As for Audi themselves looking to gain knowledge of customer opinion by watching forums... Would never happen, far to obvious, cost effective and accurate for them. What would happen to all the employees and outsources jumped up marketing companies they pay £100,000's to do their market research :rolleyes:
If there was a thread started I'd certainly recommending dealer and salesman (if he's still there), great idea !
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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