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Audi approved warranty

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Just got a new A5 B9 3.0 TDI Quattro, S-Line, B&O sound, 2016 with less than 50K on the clock. The car comes with 1 year Audi approved warranty.

Love the car, however one of door speakers makes a horrible buzzing noise in the 200-300Hz range. The dealer refuses to fix it, claims it is the "trim issue" and trims are not covered by Audi Approved Warranty. They claim that there was no buzzing noise from the speaker when they removed the door and and it only buzzes when the door is put back on the car. Therefore according to their logic it's "a trim issue" and they will not make any attempts to fix it.

I am trying to argue that this is an issue that affects their premium B&O sound system and is not the same as a trim rattle that comes from road vibrations.

I also sent to them the link to the TSB following North America's TSB that acknowledges the issue:
However the dealer claims this to be irrelevant as Audi UK has a different list of the TSBs and this one is not showing up.

I reported the problem within the first 30 days after buying it, less than 1K miles. I assume that I should be covered by my statuary rights, however the dealer still refuses to make any attempt to fix it.

So do I have any legal rights in this battle? Any recommendations?
Also, is there a way to see the full list of UK or EU TSBs for my car?

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PLEASE mate tell us the name of this genius stealer. WHAT a dishonest and incompetent bunch of idiots.
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