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Ok it's time to sell my A5
It's an 08 A5 with 2500 miles on it
it's Brilliant black
it's a Manual
Premium Package
S-Line (you can not order this currently due to lack or availability of the Y wheels)
and it has the Audi Care package

i love the cars looks and interior
but i want something more fun to drive
i am probably getting an M3
i bought the car on may 16th and i have been away from the states since july 17th
so its been used for 2 months
looks brand new, no dents or scratches or anything
i don't have the front plate filler but i have the plate filler from an S5 that is included for the states thet require a front plate
i will be back in the states this Friday for anyone that wants to come see it
i can ship it anywhere in the 48 states (i can split the cost with the buyer)

asking $48,500
which is what i owe on it


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hows 42k sound?
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