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Audi a5 retrofit 2g to 3G+

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Audi a5 MMI retrofit 2g to 3G+

Hi, i am a pretty noob on here. i just picked up my a5, So its time to start the mods.
So have anybody done this swap, and if so what do i need?
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Cost me £1600 to go from 2g to 3g+
Worth it though

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I upgraded from Concert to 3G+ for less than 1000!

Listen the loom you sold me to go from ‘2g to 3g+’ needed plenty of chopping up as the loom you sell is from a 3g+ plus car already.
All well and good as a direct replacement. But its not a direct replacement loom to go 2g to 3g+ .

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Actually it is a direct fit and doesn't require chopping at all (!!). You just leave the 2G loom as is and use this one beside it.

Well it needed modification to work so it wasn’t a direct fit at all , like you quote in the sales thread.

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But what needed modification?! Can you elaborate?

I ask this because it actually are direct fit wirelooms, you only have to connect common ground, power wires in the fusebox and a diagnose wire (which even doesn't affect function at all if not connected).

Well the loom is pulled from a car with ‘XYZ’ fitted at factory, 99% of the time it wont be going back into the same type car with the same factory fit options or vice versa.
It needs to be modified to suit the car its going into.

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The "other" options don't matter and are totally irrelevant for the wireloom. The loom I offer fits in EVERY A5, PFL or FL, regardless of other options. The only thing that matters is the fact if the car has B&O (or not) or B&O fitted at the same time.

Sorry, but the thing you claim that the loom needs modification is simply not right. Maybe thats what the company that fitted the wireloom for you claimed (I assume) to make you pay some more!! Hence the 1600...

I know everything about A5's, the function of every single wire. In the weekends retroffing about any option for third parties. So I ask you to don't make statements like you did, or come with solid examples of things that needed adaption / cutting / whatever.


I no what it needed ... and would I buy another of your looms ? ..No I wouldn’t as it didn’t save me any time or money in the process.
Ill let the buyers do their own research on what they need.
Done with this thread now.
Over & out.

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