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Audi A5 FWD to Quattro conversion help with abs module

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Hello guys! I read the forum some years now and it's very helpful with lot of mods. So i have an Audi A5 1.8tfsi ( here in greece we have big issue with the taxes) and i just put on it all the quattro parts. It was a very cheap conversion for me. I was lucky because i found the LRY 6speed manual transmission with the crown gear middle differential in the right price and the rear diff with MFS code. The problem i have now is what abs/esp module i need. I mean the code of the module. If a guy have the same transmission (LRY/MFS) is it possible to tell me the code of the module?
Thank you very much
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Hi, congrats for your work, I have the same car as you and I was thinking to make exactly the same, convert to quattro.
Do you have some pictures about the instalaltion?
To coding you need to have vcds tool. Under ABS breaks screen, under coding, you need to open long coding helper and check in all the values under every Byte if you have the quattro value ticked on the corresponding bit.

This is an example.
Hello my friend.Unfortunately i have not photos from the conversion but i can told you exactly the parts you want. You want a quattro fuel tank a rear subframe from a quattro left and right wheel hub spindle knuckles with the shafts (the wishbones are the same with yours) a gearbox a differential and the correct proppeler shaft. All are bolt on. The only mod is two extra wires from the fuel tank to the passenger foot pillar in the plugs. For the abs i thought that is not so easy... I thought that you need a new module for quattro.
Thank you for your quick answer.
I was checking more in deep about your problem with the abs and I think that unfortunately you will need to change the complete abs module, the parts numbers related to a front wheel drive are completely diferent from the quattro!!!
Exactly. The quattro module is different from the fwd. But there are differences between quattro modules due to the different gear rations between gearboxes and differentials. There are many combinations. Thats why i want the exact number of the module that is on a car with LRY gearbox and MFS differential. A friend of mine who install the incorrect abs module in a same conversion to quattro when he engadge the cruise control after some seconds it turns it off due to the incorrect gear ratio reading.
Hi mate,checking on etka (audi original parts catalog), for your LRY gearbox and MFS diferential, the part number for your new abs module is 8K0614517CL or 8K0614517FN, so, if you can find one of this a good price, you can try.

Because i cant find this module (cl and fn) in good price in case of no working is the 8K0614517CJ the same as the CL? I see somewhere that is the update part of CJ
Hi, I checked again on etka and at least CL is the replacement for CJ.

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Thank you so much my friend your help was very usefull.!
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