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I'm looking to purchase a new diffuser for my Audi A5 Cabriolet SE, the diffuser is a S5 style one and the exhaust area is wide enough for two each side, I currently have one exhaust each side but wondered if anyone had done it also and had pictures?
I'm looking for maybe oval RS5 style exhaust tips but I'm unsure if they'll fit and be centred with that diffuser.
Just to explain that a bit better, instead of two exhausts each side, I want one oval shaped or rectangular shaped like an e class (if possible) style instead, bearing in mind I have one exhaust pipe on each side currently.

I've attached images below
1. The diffuser I want and how it looks fitted (with dual exhausts each side)
2. The Exhaust tips I'd want to use
3. The rear of my A5

If anyone does know of a rectangular style exhaust I could use also that would be compatible please share the info (y)

Thanks everyone!


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