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2014 A5 Quattro Sportback Black Edition
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Hi all,

New to the forum so hello everyone.
I'm hoping someone can help and possibly give some guidance.

After being disappointed by the dealers and their incompetence I have taken on the following myself.

I have a 2014 A5 quattro Sportback. For a while I had a fault light on the dash. I'd asked Audi numerous times to investigate and the came back with nothing helpful. I gave the the fault code, asked them what it means and where the turbo pressure sensor is, again no help.

I then invested in VCDS as my previous one I had for a previous TT was out of date. After investigating and researching online I found it was the actuator that seemed to be the culprit.
New actuator ordered and fitted. This is where I'm in need of some assistance.

I have fitted the actuator and set the voltage between 3.6-3.9v its actually about 3.6v and change. Then I couldn't seem to run the first adaptation, it starts but the stops and says aborted-safety reasons.
After a few attempts and it getting dark I decided to put the car back together. I gave it a test drive to seem if the fault code would come back.
The next day I plugged in and scanned, no faults, so the initial issue had been sorted. After a couple of days driving (seems to drive fine, no issues) I decided to give adaption another go. Again the same issue when try to do the first adaptation- aborted-safety reasons.

Can anyone shed some light on this and what I maybe doing wrong.

Much appreciated
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