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Audi A5 8T Coupe SR66 Widebody

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Hi there guys! Thought that I'll give it a go with my Audi.

This one right here is a '08 3.0tdi quattro. Bought it at the end of June and probably after a week I began to mod the car a bit here and there.

First was the suspension - I decided to go with #Yellowspeed coilovers all around.

Second decision has been made when I was waiting for coils to arrive - doing a prelift wide body kit. Since I'm the CEO of SR66 Design - a body kit company - and we have a widebody for the B8.5 I thought that it would be nice to extend our offer a bit and tune our design to suit the B8 prelift headlights, hood & grille. After I said that I gonna cut my car, - it started.... so said basically my car's gonna be the first prelift SR66 wide body kit in the world.

Second thing that has been purchased were the rims - I decided to go with 20x11 ET0 Concaver wheels model CVR3. That combined with a little 15-18mm spacer will give me a nice result. Combined these with 275/30 Hankook tires.

Third part of the puzzle were the exhaust tips and deletion of the rear mufflers. Since I own a 3.0 V6 TDi it will give me that nice roaring sound.

Fourth.... carbon fiber here and there - stay tuned ;-)

Okay, here are some pics before it has been cut and from now - when it's widebodied a bit ;)

July. Few days after Purchase


First puzzles came by: Yellowspeed suspension


end of july. With coils onboard...


August. Wheels came by: 20x11 ET0


End of august. Started the fun part.

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Would be more interrested in a Sportback Wide Body conversion:unsure:
I am based in Poland, if somebody would buy my kit for coupe and bring me the car for installation we could modify the rear and do the 1st sportback..

During the install I could do some dedicated sportback molds and I would include the sportback kit in my offer for future clients ;).
I would love to bring my Sportback, but if you are gonna turn it into a project and make molds for future income..

I am smelling a discount in the air😜
Sounds great.
I will contact you as soon as I fixed some mechanicle issues.
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